About Me

Born in Santa Clara, CA, lived in the Philippines for 12 years from ages 6 to 18, and after my sophomore year in college there, I decided to pursue my life’s passion – acting. I moved to Los Angeles in 2006, and like so many, with very little resources. Thankfully, I have had the support of my family, otherwise, I likely would not have been able to keep on with my career here.

I am fluent in Tagalog (Filipino), and Bisaya (another Filipino dialect), have several years of varied dance experience including Filipino folk dance, jazz, hip hop, modern, and standard and Latin ballroom. I also have 3 years experience practicing the martial art of Kempo with Grandmaster Marvin Brown, and am working towards competing in exhibition tournaments in the future.

I also have 3 years experience as a Starbucks Barista, as well as 2 years experience working in the Entertainment department for Disneyland Resort.

I have experience with Improvisation and Theatre acting; I have done multiple projects as background and several projects holding featured or principal roles.

As all these things are on my résumé, the things that aren’t would be the fact that I have a daughter, I am holding several jobs at the moment, while also in the process of going back to school to finish my Business (Entrepreneurship) and Graphic Design degrees, and I love cooking and baking enough to sell cookies as a side business – for now.

I also believe in altruism, doing good and showing love and compassion for others solely because others need it. The world lacks the hope and optimism that other people are willing and able to help, and since I have been here long enough to know that, doing nothing would be unjust.